Introducing the CSRF Student Mentorship Program! (Coming September 2015)

Student development has always been very important to CSRF and given our large and growing student membership, your student representatives wanted to bring you a program aimed at fostering peer mentorship and academic guidance. We are pleased to introduce the CSRF student mentorship program. Senior students and early professionals will have the opportunity to mentor more junior students on a variety of topics or areas of their choosing (i.e., answer questions, brainstorm ideas, help with networking). Junior students will be matched with a mentor based on research interests and career goals whenever possible. The hope is to create a supportive and working network of peers and colleagues.

To be eligible as a senior student mentor you must:

  1. Be a member of CSRF
  2. A graduate student or post-doc at a recognized institution (university or clinical/research setting within Canada or the United States).
  3. Preferably supervised by (or previously worked under) a faculty or professional member of CSRF
  4.  Must have attended CSRF previously

To be eligible as a junior student mentee you must:

  1. Be an undergraduate student at a recognized Canadian university (or a Canadian student at an international university), and/or a new CSRF member
  2. Preferably working under a faculty/graduate, Post-doc/professional member of CSRF
  3. Membership to CSRF is NOT required at this time but is strongly encouraged

If you are interested in being a senior student mentor or a junior student mentee please contact your student representatives!

Student members, please also watch for our upcoming CSRF Student Video Series where videos will be posted from various CSRF student members and early professionals on tricks, tips, and advice on numerous different topics, such as:

  • Professionalism (e.g., How to correspond with faculty & TA’s)
  • Successful grant writing
  • Applying to graduate school (e.g., Writing a letter of intent)
  • Statistics & Methodology
  • Tips on presenting at conferences
  • Tips on writing a manuscript
  • How to create/edit a curriculum vitae
  • And many more!