Student News from the 2013 Conference

This year’s meeting in Charlottetown, PEI was a huge success with approximately 100 attendees! The plenaries given by Dr. Cindy Meston as well as Drs. Jacqueline Gahagan and Mary Bryson were very well received. They were definitely a significant contribution to the success of the meeting! Approximately two-dozen students made it out to the student dinner at a local brewery. The dinner was a great time for students to talk to each other about their research and make new connections. This year students also got the chance to take an afternoon bus trip to explore wonderful Prince Edward Island.

Special congratulations to our two presentation winners:

  • Samantha Dawson - Queens University
    Gender Specificity of Solitary and Dyadic Sexual Desire Among Opposite- and Same-Gender Attracted Women and Men
  • Ashley Thompson - University of New Brunswick
    Three’s Company: Predicting Young Adult’s Interest in Mixed-Gender Threesomes

As well as our poster winner:

  • Shayna Sparling - University of Windsor
    Motivation and Sexual Self-Efficacy Among University Students


Farewell to Nathan Lachowsky
Sadly, Nathan’s time serving the Executive Council has concluded. His contributions to the Canadian Sex Research Forum and his commitment to students are to be admired. Nathan has been an active and contributing member of the Executive Council these last two years. Of particular note is his leadership on the major update and revisions to the organizational bylaws last year and the implementation of online systems for abstract submission, membership application, and conference registration this year. Nathan continues to be a part of several advisory boards/projects related to the field of sexology while at the same time completing his PhD in epidemiology at the University of Guelph. Although his time as a CSRF Executive Council member is over, we hold no doubt that his contributions to the organization and its students will continue in upcoming years. Best of luck finishing up your PhD Nathan!

Raymond McKie

Raymond McKie

Introduction to Ray McKie
Raymond McKie was elected as the new Junior Student Representative at this year’s student meeting. Ray completed his undergraduate degree from the University of Guelph under the supervision of Dr. Robin Milhausen and is currently in his first year of his MSc at Trent University under the supervision of Dr. Terry Humphreys. Ray has been actively involved within the field of sexology since 2008. His research thus far has looked at the positive and negative aspects of technology use among gay men. Ray’s more recent research is looking at sexual consent and boundary setting in both convicted sexual offender and gay male samples.