Toronto 2018

Oral Presentation:

Rebecca Horne - The sex was good - no great! Emotion regulation in the bedroom hinders sexual and relationship well-being

Data Blitz Presentation: 

Erin Leigh Courtice - Did you really want that dick pic?: Gender differences in sending/receiving unwanted technology-mediated sexual interactions in three partner contexts.

Honourable mention: Julia McNeil: Childhood sexual assault and emotional functioning”

Poster Presentation: 

Natisha Nabbijohn - Children’s appraisals of gender variance: Understanding the emergence of negative additudes towards gender variant peers

Fredericton 2017

Oral Presentation:

Chelsea Kilimnik - Characteristics of nonconsensual sexual experiences explain  
heterogeneity in the sexual schemas of women: Implications for sexual well-being

Data Blitz Presentation: 

Stéphanie Gauvin - Are we comparing oranges to tangerines? Invariance analyses and how across-group comparisons may not be indicating what you think they are.

Poster Presentation: 

Julia McNeil - Sexual Problems or just bad sex? Longitudinal effects of sexual satisfaction and sexual problems.

Quebec City 2016

Oral Presentation: 

  • Rose Robbins - An Objectification Theory Perspective on Midlife and Beyond

Data Blitz Presentation: 

  • Carl Rodrigue - Sex without love? Casual Sexual Relationships and Experiences in Light of Sternberg’s Triangular Theory of Love

Poster Presentation: 

  • Ariel Handy - Interoceptive Awareness Moderates Relationship between Perceived and Actual Genital Arousal

Kelowna 2015

Oral Presentation: 

  • Morag Yule, UBC - Sexual Fantasy Among Asexual Individuals: An In-Depth Exploration 

Pecha Kucha Presentation: 

  • Shayna Skakoon-Sparling, University of Windsor - The Impact of Sexual Arousal on Elements of Sexual Decision Making: Sexual Self-Restraint, Motivational State, and Self-Control 

Poster Presentations: 

  • Jennifer Pink, Simon Fraser University - "Our Sex Life Isn't Great, But It's Not So Bad": Sexual Satisfaction and Dissatisfaction Uniquely Contribute to Relationship Quality 
  • Marie Faaborg-Andersen, Ryerson - Erectile Dysfunction, Childhood Emotional Abuse, and Coping Strategies in Gay Men: A Mediational Framework


Kingston: 2014


Jennifer Bossio - Queen's University
Does neonatal circumcision impact men's penile sensitivity and blood flow? 

Stephanie Shea - Simon Fraser University
Paraphilic interests, alternative sexual subcultures and psychopathology: A qualitative study on BDSM-Practitioners!

Poster Presentations

Megan Sawatsky -  University of Ottawa
Perpetrator attractiveness, victim resistance, and the propensity for consensual victim-perpetrator intercourse following nonconsensual sex. 

Jessica Maxwell - University of Toronto
Passionate or Practical? How expectations about sexual satisfaction shape sexual well-being. 

Lesleigh Pullman - University of Ottawa
A meta-analysis comparing biological and sociolegal incest offenders.  

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Charlottetown: 2013


Samantha Dawson - Queens University
Gender Specificity of Solitary and Dyadic Sexual Desire Among Opposite- and
Same-Gender Attracted Women and Men

Ashley Thompson - University of New Brunswick
Three’s Company: Predicting Young Adult’s Interest in Mixed-Gender Threesomes


Shayna Sparling - University of Windsor
Motivation and Sexual Self-Efficacy Among University Students



Ottawa: 2012


Tonje Persson (Concordia University) "The Relationship Between Sexual and Emotional Attraction and Symptoms of Depression in Self-Identified Heterosexual, Lesbian, and Bisexual Women"

Megan Sawatsky (University of Lethbridge) "Victim-Perpetrator Sexual Intercourse Following Sexual Assault: The Effect of Relationship Status"





Jackie Huberman (Queen's University) "Relationship Between Impression Management and Three Measures of Women’s Self­reported Sexual Arousal"


Vancouver: 2011

30 Minute Presentation

Kerri Gibson (The sexual and relationship well-being of women in relationships: The impact of child sexual abuse)

15 Minute Presentation

Samantha Dawson (A real turn off: A test of the preparation hypothesis of women's genital arousal)


Toronto: 2010

30 Minute Presentation 

John Sakuluk (Factors influencing university students' implicit and explicit attitudes towards the double standard)


15 Minute Presentation

Stephanie Thibault-Gagnon (Pelvic floor muscle anatomy and function in women with provoked vestibulodynia)


Halifax: 2009

Corey Isaac (Development of a Two-Person Model of Condom Use Intentions and Behaviour) 

Montreal: 2008

30 Minute Presentations 

Tina Laundry (Dyspareunia in adolescent girls)

Krystelle Shaughnessy (Predicting cybersex: The role of gender and attitudes)

15 Minute Presentations

Evelyne Gentilcore- Saulnier (Pelvic floor physiotherapy) 

Melissa Farmer (A mouse model of provoked vestibulodynia)


Ottawa: 2006

Tuuli Kukkonen (Thermal imaging of sexual arousal in women and men)

Deanne Simms (Gender differences in sexual satisfaction in dating couples)