The CSRF Awards

CSRF acknowledges the contributions to human sexuality and sexology in Canada with two different awards. 

A Call for Nominations for the award will be circulated with the Call for Presentations. The Past President will strike a committee composed of the Senior Student representative along with past award winners or members at large to evaluate the submissions.

CSRF Outstanding Contribution Award

This award is made to recognize outstanding contributions to research, education, policy or clinical practice in human sexuality/sexology in Canada.  The individual will, through their work, have advanced the field of sexuality research or enhanced the sexual health and well-being of Canadians.  This work may include activities such as publishing in scholarly journals, publishing edited or popular press books, developing training programs or therapeutic approaches, sex education in the media, political activism or leadership or other such activities. Members of the Executive Council are not eligible to nominate an individual for this award, or to be nominated themselves.


The 2016 CSRF Outstanding Contribution Award was awarded to Alex McKay for his contributions to research and education in sexual health through SIECCAN and the Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality.

CSRF Service Award

This award is made to recognize outstanding contributions to CSRF, the organization. 

Any member of the Executive Council is also eligible to nominate an individual for this award, but not to be nominated themselves.

The 2016 CSRF Service Award was awarded to Robin Milhausen.

From her first involvement in 1997 as a student, to her role as Past-President in 2014-2015, Robin Milhausen has been a core and indispensable part of CSRF. Robin’s contribution to CSRF has been outstanding, but among her greatest contributions was during her time as President of CSRF. She took a small friendly paper-based CSRF organization and turned it into a modern and yet still friendly and quite popular research organization. She was also passionate about listening to the membership, and spearheaded the fun and interactive mission task which took place in 2012. The results of that activity led to CSRF having its first ever mission and vision statement, solidifying CSRF as a respectable scientific society. It is readily apparent that Robin devotes herself fully to CSRF, not for personal recognition or pride, but because she loves this organization and truly wants to see it flourish as one of the best sexuality organizations worldwide.


Ed Herold Receiving the Outstanding Contribution Award in 2011

Recent CSRF Award Winners

Outstanding Contribution Award:

  • Alex McKay (2016)
  • Eleanor Maticka-Tyndale (2015)
  • Caroline Pukall (2014)
  • Michael Barrett & Dan Savage (2013)
  • Ed Herold (2011)
  • Mary Valentich (2010)

CSRF Service Award:

  • Robin Milhausen (2016)
  • Pierre Assalian (2012)
  • Sandra Byers (2005)

Past CSRF Awards Winners:

  • Maryanne Doherty
  • Michael Barrett
  • Anne Barrett
  • Elenor Maticka-Tyndale
  • Mary Valentich & Jim Gripton

If you have any information that would help us to update our list of award winners, please contact Martin Lalumière.