CSRF 2016 Alternative Accommodations

Our partners at Quebec City Tourism have identified some additional suggestions for accommodations, especially for students. Others may find these accommodations suitable as well.

Two sites are suggested in particular:

1. Auberge international de Quebec. This is an HI hostel 10 minutes walk from the conference.

2. Monastere de Augustines. This is a 15 minute walk from the conference.

Other options may be found on the Quebec City Tourism website, at http://www.quebecregion.com/en/where-to-sleep-hotels/

IMPORTANT: If you already have a room reservation at Hotel Le Concorde and you choose to stay at one of the accommodations above, PLEASE DO NOT JUST CANCEL YOUR ROOM. Please try to offer it to someone who may be in need or a room and facilitate an exchange with them via the hotel, or attempt to make an exchange via the listserv. If you do cancel your room, please indicate to the hotel that you made a reservation using the CSRF room block and remind them that they should reassign this room to the block.