Draft program available and other conference updates

1. Draft scientific program

The draft program for #CSRF2016 in Quebec City is available on our website at http://www.canadiansexresearchforum.com/2016/.  Please keep in mind that the program is a draft and is subject to change, although at this time I don't foresee any major changes. I'll let you know when the final program is available and that will be posted online as well.

The program lists the presenters of the papers as per your abstract submissions. If there is a change in presenter, please let me know by sending an email to jonathan.d.huber@gmail.com.

2. News section

We've added a news blog to our website, which can be found at http://www.canadiansexresearchforum.com/news/. Generally, this will be the same information as that sent out via the listserv, however it will be available to non-members or those not yet subscribed to the listserv. Information intended for members only will continue to go out via the listserv only, so please keep subscribing.

3. Registration

Early bird registration ends August 21, 2016, so register now. Spots are filling up fast, and we may reach our maximum room capacity this year! You can register at https://csrf.squarespace.com/registration

4. Poster information

We're in the midst of finalizing our poster session. Information regarding the formatting of your poster will be posted online shortly.

5. Presentation sharing

This year, conference presenters will be able to post and share their presentations online via the Open Science Framework. Our dedicated CSRF2016 page is at https://osf.io/view/CSRF2016/

Open Science Framework is a free poster and presentation sharing service for academic meetings. With it, you may choose to share your presentation along with supporting data and materials. You'll get a persistent link for the future, too. Using this service is not mandatory for presenters. 

As always, please follow us on Twitter, @_CSRF, for the latest breaking news. Be sure to check out the new "News" section, too!