Sexual Well-Being in ALL Couples (with and without sexual problems)

Call for Participants: As you may know, despite increasing research that focuses on sexual and relational wellbeing in same-sex oriented individuals, there remains a disparate amount of knowledge compared to what is available on other-sex oriented (i.e., heterosexual) individuals. Very little research has examined important aspects of sexual well-being, such as factors that contribute to mutually sexually satisfying encounters. 

I am conducting an online study investigating how diverse couples experience and navigate sexual problems. We are interested in learning more about the shared and unique ways that different couple constellations negotiate and navigate sexual problems during sexual interactions. My study is being conducted under the supervision Dr. Caroline Pukall in the Sexual Health Research Laboratory (SexLab) at Queen's University. The SexLab is dedicated to understanding human sexuality and sexual health, with a focus on women. If you are unfamiliar with the SexLab and would like to know a bit more about the research we do, please visit our website: You are also more than welcome to ask us any questions you may have about our research by contacting our research associate, Shannon Coyle (

We are currently recruiting participants in intimate romantic relationships who have been dating a minimum of three months for an online study on sexual problems and sexual well-being. We are looking for participants in diverse relationships with any level of sexual satisfaction, with or without sexual problems or concerns.

Thanks for your help in conducting inclusive research!


Study Link:

Contact Information for Participants: Research Associate, Shannon Coyle (email:; phone: 613.533.3276)