Thursday Night Dinner Reservations

Dinner reservations for groups of 10 have been made at a number of restaurants in Kingston for the first night of the conference, Thursday, October 23rd. This event is informal and intended to give members a chance to casually network with other members over dinner. Dinner expenses are your own responsibility and will not be covered by CSRF. 

The reservations have been made for 6:30pm, with the exception of one restaurant (Chez Piggy) which is at 6pm. Links to each of the restaurants can be found below. To sign up for one of the reservations, press the button below. If you're signing up for more than one person, you'll need to re-fresh the form after you've hit submit. Make sure to check the image at the bottom of the page to ensure that there are enough open spots available at the restaurant you are selecting. 

The graph below shows the number of available/reserved spots at each restaurant. The graph may not update immediately, but should give a general idea of where seats are remaining. 


You can find more information on eating in Kingston by clicking here