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Membership Category Descriptions

FULL MEMBERS shall be persons who possess an advanced degree from an accredited university in one of the biological, social sciences, education, or theology/pastoral studies. In addition, an active member is one who by virtue of their research, educational or clinical service activities demonstrates a commitment to the scientific pursuit of knowledge relating to sexuality. Outstanding contributions to the sciences related to sexuality may be considered in lieu of a degree as qualification for membership status. The annual membership feel for full members is $65. 

ASSOCIATE MEMBERS shall be individuals who are recent graduates, post-doctoral fellows, or any new individual joining (who is not a student) who opt to join CSRF at this membership level (these individuals would also be eligible to join at Member status). Individuals may hold Associate Membership status for up to three consecutive years. At any time an Associate Member may return to Student Membership if he/she returns to study as described below. Benefits of Associate Membership may include reduced membership and conference registration fees. The annual membership fee for Associate Members is $40. 

STUDENT MEMBERS shall be individuals registered (full or part-time) in an accredited academic or clinical training program of study leading to a bachelor’s, graduate, or professional (e.g., medicine, law, social work) degree who have received or are currently receiving training in sex education, sex research, sexual medicine, or sex therapy. Upon completion of their degree, students may choose to renew their membership in CSRF at Member or Associate Member status. The annual membership fee for Student Members is $40.